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    • Peito de Frango com Mel N.º 88 Fire by Beesweet
    • Sopa de cenoura com mel

Beesweet – 100% Portuguese and handmade honey

Beesweet sells 100% Portuguese honey, gluten-free and allergenics-free, handcrafted by two young cousins and associates in love with bees and honey. Beesweet is a raw honey obtained through handcrafted processes and with healthy temperatures, allowing to maintain all the characteristics of a 100% natural honey! Based on the grandfather’s family heirloom, and inspired by it,…

Recipe to recover virile potency

Papiro Erótico de Turin

In the book, The Love Life in Ancient Egypt, of José Ortiz, who refers to the “erotic papyrus of Turin”, with 3000 years of age, there is a passage where the following recipe is found to recover the virile potency: Acacia leaves and Honey. Grind the leafs in this honey and apply with a sleeping…

Packaging of the World

Packaging Of The World

Beesweet packaging was highlighted by the prestigious online-publisher Packaging of the World. This is a worldwide website specialized in finding, analyzing and highlighting high quality packaging, which excels by original concepts, innovation and help brands highlight themselves. Get your honey flavored Beesweet More info

Look, look at that swallow

Olha, olha aquela andorinha

Look, look at that swallow How it flies gracefully! Passed along a rose To stroke a butterfly (…) Look, look at that daisy That extends its white arms Ready to give the knowledge of who wants. The bees are kissing the flowers In this season of love That is now just starting. (…) by A….

Municipality of Estarreja highlights Beesweet

The municipality of Estarreja highlighted our project in their official website, in recognition of the entrepreneurial capacity and innovation of Beesweet. The grandfather’s passion for bees inspired these citizens of Estarreja, Ana Pais and Carla Pereira, founders of the Beesweet, who will launch on the market, this year, new flavours of honey and blueberry honey….