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Why are we a B Corp Company?

What is a BCorp Company?   B Corp is a global movement of entrepreneurs with a common goal: to transform the way the business world measures its success, so that: Companies not only compete to be the best in the world, but also to the best for the world. It is a certification that meets…

Effective Promotion Strategy

Beesweet was present at the School of Technology and Management of Lamego to give their testimony on the strategy used by the company in order to promote and publicize the brand Beesweet effectively. Among other things we made public our concept of Innovation. There are no better or worse than the concept of other companies…

20 values was the result of the work about Beesweet in the University Institute of Maia!

We could not feel greater pride!!! The student Filipa Sousa, from the Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, from Bachelor’s degree of Business Management innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University Institute of Maia – ISMAI, has made us quite astonished by the news! After conducting a series of research on Beesweet, having done an exhaustive interview…

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