Néctar aromatizado com alecrim N. 25 Christmas

Sensations Nº 25 Christmas


Nº 1 Citrus

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Néctar Aromatizado com Erva Príncipe N. 1 Citrus

Sensations Nº 66 Beelove


Weight = 40gr

Sensations Nº 66 Beelove by Beesweet is the most passionate of the whole range of Beesweet honeys. It's a special and unique honey, with intense notes and aroma of forest fruits, coffee and cherry. This honey is the most appropriate to celebrate special moments. Its palate is irreverent and irresistible that warms inside and fills us with pleasure.

With a chocolate colour, its delicious taste fills our mouths filling us with joy. Its aroma is stimulant and naturally aphrodisiac.  Its consumption causes a constant sensation of well-being.

As a natural product, it may react to climate changes, flora and fauna. Therefore, each crop of Honey could suffer slight changes in the specification of Honey.


Flowering nectar of eucalyptus with creation of chocolate flavour.

Beelove Sensations

The Nº 66 Beelove by Beesweet gives us youth emotions, provoking an enviable sense of joy. Eating honey Nº 66 Beelove causes a feeling of long and passionate kiss. Transports you into sweetly stimulating sensations causing enjoyable desires of pleasure. Its consumption creates a well-being sensation.

Gastronomic Suggestions

The use of chocolate in main courses is common in Latin America countries. Surprise yourself by using the Nº 66 Beelove by Beesweet – chocolate flavor in beef broth sauces. Indulge yourself by sprinkling the Nº 66 Beelove in soft cheese or foie gras. Use it in a healthy way as a topping to sweeten your desserts. Delight yourself by simply eating it raw.

See the suggestions of Chef Tony Martins:


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Weight 40 g


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