From the passion for the country that welcomed me, from which battles, discoveries and journeys were made beautiful traditions, the love for its flavours was born.

The battles left the symbols, formulas and techniques, the discoveries brought perfumes, the crossings fed the grit and persistence in achieving more and better.

The evolution of the kitchen, Chef status growth, ease of communication with the rest of the world and the exchange of experiences make us wake up in a world of new flavours, new textures, new forms of presentation.

My kitchen is simple, based on the pillars of traditional Portuguese cuisine and always in tune with several cultures from different corners of the world, marked by travel, cohabitation and experiences. It is based on the quality and freshness of the products used in quilting, much care and dedication in their preparation.
I search in every dish, a reason, an explanation, a story, a past that joins with the present, my present, the actual restoration.

The partnership with flavoured honey Beesweet, was born from the curiosity for both an innovative and ancient product.

The goal is to demystify its use in food and enhance their use in different dishes, always in a simple and healthy version.

Feel at home and bon appetit!


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