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Beesweet – More Than Honey, Lda. it arose from the passion of two young cousins ​​and the dream to bring to the market an innovative product based on honey.

We have a family legacy from our grandfather. He left us some tools about beekeeping, especially on the Honey and the Bees, tips and some homemade recipes for flavoured honey.

For over a year, we tested this project. We have applied in entrepreneurship contests and we have consulted mentors and trainers. We have also made dozens of sketches, business and financial plans.

We tested the market and consumers.

The feedback was positive.

In August 2014 we put the product on the market through an Exclusive Creators Limited Edition 3x150g and later a Minipack 3x40g Sensations.

We did weeks of immersion with promoters of other projects.

We discussed what would be worth betting and investing. We won some contests, coming to represent the product and the brand in international fairs in Guangzhou in China. This was the first step towards internationalization which is ongoing.

This way was born the Honey Flavoured Beesweet brand.

It is a Raw Honey obtained through artesanal processes, with healthy temperatures, helping to maintain all the characteristics of a 100% natural honey!

All our honey is analyzed in a laboratory in order to satisfy the food safety requirements.

Our unique design of packaging – The Drop, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world by Packaging of the World!

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