Imagine being able to customize Beesweet products completely to your liking!

With Beesweet, it is the customer who decides what flavour he picked for the honey and how the label will be!

  • From image, color, text to place…
  • Whether it’s for a Corporate event;
  • Welcome Gift in Hotel Room;
  • Remembrance of Marriage or Baptism;
  • Fine & Gourmet Grocery Store.

Does your event have a theme?

Any BeeSweet product is possible to be customized.

Honey Nº 1 Citrus – Lemon (the aroma of lemon decreases the sweetness a little bit of the honey- it’s fresh and refined and the kids love it)!
Honey Nº 66 Beelove – Chocolate (it is a Honey prepared with 100% natural cocoa – the elect of those eternally in love).
Honey Nº 5 Winter – Mint (the scent of the winter woods of Cinderellas and fairy tales! – we are transported to the exquisite world of Chanel Nº 5).
Honey Nº 88 Fire – Spicy (with a Hot Spicy character – naturally spicy, this honey causes a burst of taste in the mouth).
Honey Nº 10 Seasalt – Salty (takes us to the refreshing and sweet tropical beaches – the elected of the summer events).

These natural honey aromas are available in exquisite, well labeled gourmet jars. They can be personalized as shown in the pictures.

Note that the symbolic value added will depend on the quantities requested.


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