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Fazedorismo (Make + Entrepreneurship)

FAZEDORISMO (MAKE + ENTREPRENEURSHIP) A word can say a lot about what we are and what we do. Numerous times call me (Ana Pais) and Carla entrepreneurs. From the beginning of our course in the Beesweet… More than honey (gourmet flavored honey) We realize that we feel a lot more enterprising than entrepreneurs. In addition to undertaking we have the ability to do much, with very little! Of course we undertake! We do not expect things to happen, we are proactive, we immediately start the action plan and we are super dynamic. Whoever knows us says we’re everywhere, and we don’t stop. We’re highly motivated. We know how to implement the good ideas that we create in order to achieve goals. We’re not afraid to…

Estarreja Cousins “sting” heritage of the flavoured honey

Carla Pereira and Ana parents resumed aromatization experiences with plants of Grandpa Augusto, beekeeper in his free hours, after being unemployed. The rising price of the raw material is the biggest threat. Carla Pereira, 31 years old, and Ana Pais, 34 years old, founded the Beesweet in the summer of 2015, after testing and maturing the idea of business in several competitions of entrepreneurship. From little ones, Ana Pais and Carla Pereira “always [have lived] much of this thing of bees and Honey” with Grandpa Augusto, beekeeper in the vacant hours that did some experiments with aromatic plants, then offered to friends and sold at the Gran’s Hermínia shop. But the cousins born and raised in Pardilhó, in the municipality of Estarreja, only started to…

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