New range of HORECA products

Beesweet® has developed a new range of products specially designed for Restoration & Hospitality.

Astonish your customers with amazing flavors experiences by manufacturing dishes incorporating Beesweet® flavored honey, creating healthy and super-tasty combinations.

We have exclusive doses of 1,3 kg of the full range of Beesweet® flavors.

Add a touch of exclusivity and innovation to your service through the naturally flavored Beesweet® honeys.

Choose from the 6 possibilities of aromas (Nº 1 Citrus – Lemon; Nº 5 Winter – Mint; Nº 10 Seasalt – Salty; Nº 25 Christmas – Cinnamon; Nº 66 Beelove – Chocolate & Nº 88 Fire – Spicy).

Choose to substitute refined sugar for Beesweet® flavored Honey in desserts, drinks, sauces, salads, sautées … finishing the dishes with refinement and a lot of flavor!

Beesweet® also has individual doses of 40g, which can be made available to its customers for starters, breakfast, and/or room service.

If you prefer, there is also the possibility of the monodoses being personalized to integrate with your hotel, being possible to change the whole design of the label so that it includes its logo and the colors that best suit your space.

From autumn to spring, Beesweet® also commercializes the unit or in minicamples of two Black Chocolate Bombons, stuffed with flavored Honey, and may have edible gold flakes.

Choose them for bed openings, special services, corporate offers. If you prefer, customize them to your liking.

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