History of Honey

History of honey

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Beekeeping has developed at the peak of Greek civilization, serving honey especially for the feeding of children.

In Roman times, honey was used to make all the cakes. In addition, women used him to make beauty products.

In the middle ages, honey consumption was widespread.

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As shown by several cave paintings, in the Paleolithic era, primitive man seeked the honey of the bees.

With the Neolithic revolution he became sedentary and domesticated the bees by building shelters for them.

In Mesopotamia, there are beeswax plates with cuneiform inscriptions.

The Egyptians knew honey perfectly and often used it as food or a product of beauty.

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Honey is an excellent source of energy, being recognized in sports terms as a highly energetic and dietary component for high competition.

Honey is easily dissolved in the bloodstream, since in contrast to sugar it is low in sucrose, honey strengthens muscles, increases stamina and promotes rapid energy recovery from the fatigue imposed on any locomotor activity.

It is rich in minerals (such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, among others) as well as amino acids with antioxidant properties, honey is a source of energy and longevity for those who consume it.

It has been used in many physiological treatments, given its mitigating benefits on pain (throat problems) and its healing powers (application on burns and/or wounds), honey is undoubtedly a essential nutriment to our well-being.

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We speak of an ancestral product, always used by humans and that 150 years ago was used to prevent and cure malaria.

Today the beehive products are used in large numbers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Beesweet powers this natural product, flavoring it with aromatic plants, in order to increase its medicinal value.

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