Beesweet honey at your wedding

Off-season marriage?

Naaaaaaaaaaaa ….


The marriage is certainly an important moment to be celebrated with whom we love most!
And so, for you not to miss any more sweetness…… Beesweet provides to the bride and groom, special wedding souvenirs.

Does your wedding have a theme? If yes please indicate what’s the topic of it, we can direct one of our flavoured honeys adapted to your wedding theme!

Honey Nº 1 Citrus – Lemon (Everyone loves this flavor, since the aroma of the lemon cuts a little bit of the honey sweetness – it is fresh and exquisite and the children love it!)


Honey Nº66 Beelove – Chocolate (Chosen by  the most lickerish people…. it is a honey prepared with 100% natural cocoa.

Honey Nº5 Winter – Mint (the ladies’ favourite, because it carries them to the refinement of the Nº5 of Chanel, where the scent of the Cinderellas Winter Woods the and fairy tales rules!)

Honey Nº88 Fire – Spicy (the Gentleman’s’ favourite… spicy… and because it is naturally spicy some say it is also aphrodisiac 😉

Honey Nº10 Seasalt – Salty (The favourite for summer weddings. This honey takes us to the hot and sweet tropical beaches!)

These natural honey aromas are made available in exquisite gourmet square bottles, duly labelled. They can be customized as the images illustrate.

Beesweet is proud of itself to be the innovative sweet souvenir, capable of arousing surprise and curiosity to all relatives and friends!

Beesweet… More than Honey!

Ask for your beesweet personalized souvenirs here


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