Beesweet at a thematic lunch – High School Soares Bastos

OBeesweet flavoured honey marked presence at the High School of Soares Basto in Oliveira de Azeméis!

Today (26th of January of 2016), through Cristiana Marques, a student of the High School of Soares Basto, the representative of team 12ºL and and through professor Alexandre Silva, Beesweet aromatized honey was put to the test at a thematic lunch rigorously prepared.

The theme of the lunch was flavoured Beesweet honey.

On this day, the student Cristiana Marques, in partnership with Beesweet, company originated of Oliveira de Azeméis devoted to the commercialization of flavoured honey, prepared the entrance, the main dish and a sweet little treat to accompany the coffee.

Chef Américo dos Santos marked his presence, he is a pastry chef at the so-called restaurant Belcanto in Lisbon owned by chef José Avillez who, besides two Michelin stars is positioned in 91st place of the best restaurants in the world. The chef was with the students in the morning presenting a chocolate workshop to the students and at lunch he was responsible for dessert, a beautiful chocolate delight.

The menu, prepared by the student, with the support of the team 12º-L and Professor Alexandre Silva, was completely manufactured with the usage of Beesweet honey.


Zig Zag (queijo de cabra com mel Nº 88 Fire – picante & tomilho)
Oven baked ribs flavoured with honey Nº25 Christmas – Cinnamon, accompanied by wild rice.


IMG_4811 (2)

Chocolate delight with pop rocks and edible silver leaf

IMG_4818 (2)

The lunch ended with flourish – coffee accompanied with sweet prepared by the student Cristiana Marques.

Everyone’s present was delighted accompanied with the menu and the service!

The presence of everyone as well as criticism were crucial for this stage of students!

We, Beesweet feel very honored to be the company and product chosen as the theme of this wonderful lunch!

Enjoy to acquire your favourite honey here

Congratulations to everyone! Especially to our beloved Cristiana!

Excellent work ; )


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