Beesweet in TEDXAveiro

The TEDxAveiro affirmed itself as one of the most important events to promote creativity and entrepreneurship at national level.

This mega event promotes the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship of the portuguese. The goal is to share ideas that help change the world for a better place!

This year it will be held on May 21st at the Aveiro Theater, between 2 PM to 8:30 PM.
The event will rely on 12 speakers and 3 performances.

And life happens…

Millions of cells that coexist in US with millions of ideas. Where do the ideas come from? What about the inventions? They are the result of studies and randomness, of experiences and  of books and apples falling from trees. There are so many possibilities. Where do we come from? We’re all different. Why?

2016 is its year, the year of why’s. THE ORIGIN. We know it’s a dangerous topic.
After all, we are always afraid of what we don’t know, but we are bold enough to want to find out.

Courage: Who was born first, the egg or the hen?

#Beesweet will not miss out on this TEDx, or we wouldn’t be event partners!

Come with us, too.

We’re already preparing 😉

Beesweet… more than Honey!


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