Beesweet presents the Road Retail to Algarve!

Beesweet will travel to Algarve to make their flavoured Honey known locally!

The preparations are underway … dozens of contacts have already been made!

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For some time now, the Algarvian retailers have requested the presence of the founders of the company to do product tastings directly in the stores!

The Event is near … meetings are already scheduled!

The trip is scheduled for June 22 of 2016.

The objective will be to travel through the Algarve from town to town to visit all the retailers of Gourmet & Groceries Fine stores.

From Aljezur to Vila Real de Santo António, the entrepreneurs of this young company will be tireless and super motivated to make this sweet Portuguese wonder known.

The objective will be to make public the natural aromas created in honey.

And of course … give for tasting:

Citrus Nº1, with aromatic flavour of lemon, orange, grapefruit and lime, where citrus freshness is recognized.

The spicy honey Nº88 Fire that “causes a hot blast” in the mouth.

Winter Nº5 is “exquisite, with a balsamic taste (You can feel it in the mint) it transports us into the winter woods.”

The Nº66 Beelove, the “most exciting honey of the entire Beesweet range”, has “jungle fruit, coffee and cherry aromas”. Of chocolate color, its aroma “is stimulating, causing aphrodisiac sensations”.

The Nº25 Christmas, which with its cinnamon flavor is “the most aromatic” honey of the brand.

Nº10 Seasalt (the sweet meets the salty).

And, finally, the rare Beeblue by Beesweet, blueberry blooming honey!

Dreams Gourmet (2)

For the founders of Beesweet it is very important to visit all of its customers!

For the founders, listening to them and feeling their needs is a key factor to continuing to get the company in the right track.

They believe that it’s no longer enough to please customers, the goal nowadays is to surprise them, go beyond their expectations.

When they visit the stores, Ana Pais and Carla Pereira, they talk with customers, in order to understand their needs.

This … is one more reason why Beesweet is more than Honey!

Get your honey here now:

Written by Victor Ferigal

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