Caetano Baviera of Porto attracts bees

Caetano Baviera of Porto attracts bees from Beesweet

For two weeks, Porto’s Caetano Bavaria will count with the presence of a premium brand that is distinguished in the manufacture of Honey: Beesweet. During this period, this company will be in this concession to offer a tasting of its products to all customers, as well as to all employees and collaborators.

Beesweet BMW

For that, we will count on the wisdom of who knows how to treat raw honey, obtained through handcrafted processes and 100% natural. The product is presented in the
“Gout Packaging” (regarded by Packaging of the World as one of the most beautiful packaging method in the world), or in elegant jars.

Range of flavours

The honey – flavoured with several aromas, ranging from mint to the spicy – creates a burst of sensations in the mouth at the time of the tasting. We await your visit. Everyone is welcome.

By corporate direction people, Brand and communication (DPC)

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