Effective Promotion Strategy

Beesweet was present at the School of Technology and Management of Lamego to give their testimony on the strategy used by the company in order to promote and publicize the brand Beesweet effectively.

Among other things we made public our concept of Innovation.

There are no better or worse than the concept of other companies in the same segment as Beesweet.

It’s just the way we propose to do and how it worked out for us.


We definitely believe that being Innovative means:

– Creating something unthinkable

– Being a lover of change

– Have thirst for knowledge

– Combining risk & leadership

– Seize the opportunities


– Innovation also means understanding that failure is part of the creation/innovation process. Thus it is fundamental to learn from failure

– Creating a positive impact on the economy in society and/or in the environment.

– Promote a lot…. know how to wait …. to sacrifice oneself …. to reap later

– Innovate with passion

– We also believe that being innovative does not mean that we have to have a company – we can be innovative in any field: being a teacher, doctor, hairdresser, housewife … etc. The goal is to contribute bold ideas with the goal of creating something that revolutionizes and enhances your work area and those around you.


Our Marketing Strategy:

Create a completely innovative image – Which makes the media interested

  • Innovative product
  • Define the target audience – Gourmet
  • Open the market – Souvenirs / Hotels / Jewelery / Pharmacies
  • Choice of strategic locations – Foundations / Airport / Museums / sights
  • Participation in Entrepreneurship Contests
  • Participation in Events /fairs about the specialty, including international events/fairs


  • Partnerships with similar companies – ALGAPLUS
  • Creation of a language on the label – international
  • Website in EN/PT and soon FR, with online store – GOOGLE
  • Creation of articles that inspire and are useful to the target audience
  • Creation of a GIANT contact list!
  • Product customization

It was definitely a great experience for Beesweet, and one of us was once a student at this wonderful School!

To return and to experience to the Academy of Lamego is for me, Ana Pais, a reason of pride and satisfaction!

Happiness, good luck and motivation for professional careers is what we wish for all the students of the Superior School of Technology and Management of Lamego!

Beesweet … More than Honey, Lda



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