Notoriety study

Notoriety Study – Beesweet – More than Honey, Lda

Through the Superior School of Education of Coimbra, a study about Beesweet brand’s reputation and the product that is considered its brand image, the famous “gout”, was carried out to obtain quantitative data through a questionnaire that allowed to analyze the level of knowledge of the brand and the product itself associated with the consumption of honey.

Sample: 98 individuals of both genders in a similar percentage, aged between 25 and 45 years.


Beesweet was considered the brand with the highest spontaneous notoriety, having the highest number of references.



The following question consisted of showing a photo of the “Gout” packaging- Nº66 Beelove – Chocolate, Beesweet’s brand image, removing only the clear identification of the brand.
In the background, the goal was to find out if each individual associated the image with the brand.
Of the 32 respondents who came to this issue, 50% of them could not associate with any brand and 41% associated the brand of Beesweet, the remaining percentage being divided by the remaining options.

The brand has the highest level of spontaneous notoriety, that is, it positions itself in the consumer’s mind.

Beesweet also revealed that 41% of respondents associate the “Gout” image as a Beesweet product. more-than-honey-pub

In this way, it can be verified that the levels of the brand awareness are high, revealing that the policy used in the Marketing and communication are in working in a positive way, placing the company in a prominent position compared to other brands.


Beesweet flavoured honey has unique and non-existent characteristics in the market. This is achieved
through the creation of honey flavours ranging from the most intense (Spicy) to the softest (Lemon).

The objective of the company is to present to the consumer a wide range of tasty products with added benefits to the level of well being and health, that can be incorporated in the portuguese gastronomy in a pleasurable way!

Beesweet … more than Honey!

Study conducted through the Marketing and Communication Atelier of the Superior School of Coimbra.
Teacher: Rosa Sobreira
Students: Ana Catarina Simões, Ana Dias, Ana Carolina Neves, Carolina Carvalho, Pedro Terêncio & Rudi Marques



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