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Pure Beeswax (Cópia) (Cópia)

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Hidroberry Nº7 – Berry Mead (Cópia) (Cópia)

Hortas Aromáticas de Fernanda Botelho

Hidroberry Nº7 – Berry Mead (Cópia)


Weight = 50ml

Mead is an alcoholic beverage, produced by the yeast fermentation of a dilute solution of honey, obtained by adding adequate amounts of water and selected fruits.
Hidroberry N. 7 by Beesweet is a drink inspired by the freshness of the forest. This mead is naturally flavored with red fruits which gives it a unique wild flavour.


Hidroberry is an alcoholic beverage, derived from the fermentation of quality honey, mineral water, varied red fruits and spices. The alcohol content is approx. 14.5%. Free from gluten, dyes, preservatives and sulfites.

Gastronomic Suggestions

Drink a small amount and hold the liquid for brief moments in your mouth. Try to identify the flavors that stand out and, if possible, the secondary flavors, also essential for a complete perception of the product. Wait a bit until drinking again. Being a natural drink, it also accompanies fruit desserts. If you prefer to give it some freshness, use it as an aperitif or add it to your Cocktails.


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