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Minipack Desire


Author Special Edition Pack – White

Edição de Autor Branco

Minipack Seduction


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Weight = 3 x 40gr

The Beesweet honey brand uses 100% Portuguese honey. The Minipack Seduction contains several honey flavours. In a glamorous minibox, you will find 3 exquisite square jars with different flavours of honey. You can offer and surprise family and friends!

Ideal to offer in festive seasons.

The tourists' favourite.

A must have for travel (you can carry it with you in the carry-on baggage).

Minipack Seduction:

Sensations Citrus – lemon flavour
The honey Nº 1 Citrus by Beesweet evokes summer. This honey transports us to the serene and refreshing places. This honey is recognized for involved us in lightness where prevail citrus aromas, soothing and balanced that soften us. The Nº 1 Citrus raises us in the dewy and invigorating environments.

Sensations Christmas – cinnamon flavour
The most aromatic of all honeys, honey Nº 25 Christmas gives us tranquility and harmony sensations. This honey, takes us to the complicity of the engaging places. Prevails the nostalgic experiences of the Holiday Seasons in familiar environments. Its consumption causes a soothing effect.
When diluted in warm water it causes sensations of detoxifying and natural depurante.

Sensations Fire – spicy flavour
The consumption of honey Nº 88 Fire by Beesweet brings us up to wellbeing and feelings of joy, making feel good about yourself. This particular honey, cause a hot flavour of explosion in your mouth leading you to live ecstasy experiences and intense pleasure. Get involved in the fire of this flavour.

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 13.50 × 4.50 × 4.7 cm

2 reviews for Minipack Seduction

  1. Maria Pimentel

    Uma ótima ideia para um presente, os néctares são ótimos e já sei o que vou oferecer no Natal…Tenho que experimentar os outros sabores!

  2. Lurdes Ferreira dos Santos

    Já tinha oferecido este minipack antes como prenda de amigo secreto no natal e foi um sucesso. Este ano já comprei mais alguns para dar! Além de ser uma prenda com um certo requinte é bom saber que estou a ajudar o comércio local (só deus sabe que precisamos este ano!)

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