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Drop Beeblue (Cópia) (Cópia)

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Pure Beeswax (Cópia)

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Pavios de madeira de cerejeira para velas

Spring Summer Queen Bee Earring Collection (Cópia)

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The Queen Bee is a symbol of the female power, beauty and spiritual wisdom that expresses a purified, reborn and rejuvenated energy.

The Queen of the Sun, which is already a trend this summer, symbolizes the wisdom of the soul!

Its powers are:

Joy & Unity

Health & Wealth

Purity & Rebirth

Productivity & Efficiency

Collaboration & Wisdom

Inspiration & Creativity

Diligence & Eloquence

The Queen Bee is the sweet messenger of Love and Light, which foretells the arrival of good luck, abundance, prosperity, fertility, happiness & pleasure.

This season is filled with sophistication, freshness and majestic beauty.

Find your unique style and express your inner Queen!

The Queen Bee Earring by Beesweet, hand finished, is made from a variety of versatile materials that provide the freshness of the new season.

At Beesweet, nothing is created by chance or is the result of coincidence.

This collection has been thoughtfully designed to give Beesweet fans the possibility of using an exclusive and unique accessory that matches Brand values.

The Queen Bee symbolizes immortality, order, diligence, loyalty, cooperation, nobility, soul and Love for essence and Nature!

The Queen Bee Spring Summer Collection has been developed with the utmost care and attention to detail, each piece is carefully designed, manufactured and finished to the finest detail and according to exacting standards.

The result?

Unique, current pieces with a symbolism and giant purposes, involved in the MAJOR feature:

The passion for Honey and the Bees.

Compliments will be made as soon as you wear these elegant, timeless but contemporary golden earrings, where the wings of the Queen Bee shine, thanks to the small shiny stones encrusted.

The name of the Spring Summer Collection – Queen Bee Earrings by Beesweet is a tribute to the Queen Bee, which inspires the Beesweet Brand in the continuity of its legacy linked to the commercialization of Honey and bee products.

Beesweet guarantees, internally and with its suppliers, respect for the Responsibility, Socio-environmental standards in line with its Sustainability strategy.


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Weight 200 g


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