The benefits of consumption of honey in honeycombs

Called “Nectar of the Gods” by the ancient Greeks, honey is enjoyed by many people not only for its health benefits but also because of its sweet taste. Honey is even healthier when eaten directly from the comb.

What is the honey in honeycomb?

Honey in honeycomb is a natural product (stored by bees in honeycomb bladders newly constructed by bees themselves or by thin sheets of recorded wax made exclusively from beeswax and which do not contain whole honeycomb or comb sections);

DID YOU KNOW that honey can be utilized as food conserver, due to its capacity of inhibiting the growth of certain organisms capable of deteriorating food.


Honeycomb consumption

It is believed that regularly chewing a honeycomb during the time of allergies helps relieve the sneezing and tearing of the eyes. Chew it for as long as possible; After 30 minutes, the allergy symptoms may disappear. Start by doing a week or two before spring to avoid the possible symptoms.


Honey contains potassium, that impedes the survival of bacteria. The pure honey of the comb is used to treat scars and is also popular as a facial moisturizer. mask and exfoliant. Besides that, it’s used to treat many skin infections.

Enzymes and vitamins

Honey contains all major amino acids and vitamins B, C, D and E. And it is also composed by powerful and essential enzymes.


Fighting fat

A great myth about honey is that it makes you fat. In fact, it can help a person lose weight because it has properties that increase metabolism and fight fat.

General benefits and energy

Consumers find that consuming honey in honeycomb has a noticeable effect on the body because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps clearing blood vessels, aids digestion and provides energy instantly.

Homemade Remedies

Honey has been used for many years to treat athlete’s foot, arthritis pains, fungal infections, hangovers, sore throats, insomnia and acts as a natural cure for cuts and burns.


The ingredients of honey in honeycomb are: water, pollen, fructose, glucose, vitamins, organic acids, proteins and enzymes.

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Text By Frank Whittemore

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