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Fazedorismo (Make + Entrepreneurship)

FAZEDORISMO (MAKE + ENTREPRENEURSHIP) A word can say a lot about what we are and what we do. Numerous times call me (Ana Pais) and Carla entrepreneurs. From the beginning of our course in the Beesweet… More than honey (gourmet flavored honey) We realize that we feel a lot more enterprising than entrepreneurs. In addition to undertaking we have the ability to do much, with very little! Of course we undertake! We do not expect things to happen, we are proactive, we immediately start the action plan and we are super dynamic. Whoever knows us says we’re everywhere, and we don’t stop. We’re highly motivated. We know how to implement the good ideas that we create in order to achieve goals. We’re not afraid to…

Estarreja Cousins “sting” heritage of the flavoured honey

As duas primas, Carla e Ana

Carla Pereira and Ana parents resumed aromatization experiences with plants of Grandpa Augusto, beekeeper in his free hours, after being unemployed. The rising price of the raw material is the biggest threat. Carla Pereira, 31 years old, and Ana Pais, 34 years old, founded the Beesweet in the summer of 2015, after testing and maturing the idea of business in several competitions of entrepreneurship. From little ones, Ana Pais and Carla Pereira “always [have lived] much of this thing of bees and Honey” with Grandpa Augusto, beekeeper in the vacant hours that did some experiments with aromatic plants, then offered to friends and sold at the Gran’s Hermínia shop. But the cousins born and raised in Pardilhó, in the municipality of Estarreja, only started to…

We are creating a new Drink

Beesweet is preparing a surprise for you! We dream of the opportunity to celebrate the friendship with a new drink able to transform the best moments of life! How about having the opportunity to enjoy the world’s oldest beverage, with a touch of innovation & freshness? Get ready for a blast of flavor!! We want to present a new product able to unite the best wild fruits with the best Beesweet honey. Get ready for this exceptional product! For more information please contact us via email: [email protected]

ESAD Prize by

Beesweet Prize The company Beesweet launched a brainstorming contest for the creation of a packaging solution for one of its premium products, directed to the students of Communication Design Course of ESAD. Marta Teixeira, Carlos Oliveira, Gil Pereira, Joana Lourenço and Sara García were the contest winners. The company Beesweet — More than Honey launched a brainstorming contest for the creation of a new packaging solution for one of its premium products, directed to students of the Packaging Unit, within the area of the Bachelor’s degree in communication design. An expressive set of proposals was presented, The jury distinguished 12 final designs: the 1st prize of the packaging was the student Marta Teixeira and 4 honorable mentions were attributed to the students: Carlos Oliveira, Gil…

Beesweet in Silicon Valley?

GROWING IS DEVELOPING TOGETHER! The FLAD. EY Buzz USA, an initiative of the Luso-American Foundation for Development (FLAD) and EY, is promoting and supporting the efforts of internationalisation of micro, small and medium-sized Portuguese enterprises to the United States of America. Beesweet was selected by the FLAD jury, as a company of high potential for internationalization of its products (Beesweet brand) to the USA. The jury – which is chaired by a member of the FLAD, and composed of two guests of the foundation and two guests of EY – analyzed the nominations for the purpose of choosing the 20 companies with the highest potential, on which a report will be published in the business newspaper. The prize for the winning company consists of an immersion program in…

New design by ESAD

Beesweet – new design by ESAD More than honey company, Beesweet, established a partnership with the Superior School of Arts & Design of Matosinhos – ESAD, with the objective of developing a new line of premium packaging for the gout of Beesweet honey, which can meet the needs of the company. Some of the keywords for the elaboration of the new packaging design were: Nature Premium Honey Bloom Natural Dynamism Functionality Sustainability Storytelling – Values & social and environmental mission The event will serve to present the student’s creations, as well as recognizing their work and merit. During the morning it will also be held a brief presentation of the company, followed by tasting with products Beesweet in the interactive tourism store of Porto Welcome…

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