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Pollen – Fiber Source!

What is pollen? The pollen is collected by the bees in the flowers, and it is without a doubt, one of the most natural, fiber-rich foods we have nowadays. It is traditionally known as a true functional regulator. The pollen is a very fine matter stored by the plant in what is called “Lodges Anteras”….

The power of honey

PRINCIPAL PROPERTIES OF THE BEEHIVE PRODUCTS: WHAT HONEY FIGHTS: – Respiratory tract infections; – Physical fatigue; – Stomach ulcer; – Liver diseases; – Constipation; – Cramps; – Insomnia; – Insomnia; – Rheumatic pain. CONSUMING POLLEN, HELPS FIGHTING SYMPTOMS OF: – Anemia; – Depression; – Intestinal problems; – Overweight; – Allergies; – Ovarian malfunction; – Convalescent states; – Hypertrophy of the prostate; – Problems…