Beesweet and the number symbology.

Honey Nº1 Citrus by Beesweet summons the summer. Transports us to serene and refreshing locations. This honey is recognized for engaging in lightness where the citrus, calming and balanced aromas reign and that appeases us. The Nº1 Citrus elevates us to bedewed and vigorous environments.

Why the choice of number 1 for this citrus honey?

Honey Nº1 Citrus was the first to be created by Beesweet. Number 1 is the leader’s number. It indicates great capacity of autonomy, independence, creativity, originality, ambition, determination and self-reliance, always with a strong vibration. It’s ruled by the Sun. The number 1 symbolizes the constant pursuit for Romance and love.

Citrus (2)


Honey Nº5 Winter by Beesweet  provokes us sensations of freshness and expansive lightness. Its consumption elevates us to energizing freedom experiences, making us feel confident and daring. This exquisite honey, with balsamic flavour, carries us into the winter woods. The Mint prevails and lead us to the landscapes of the Arctic and the Alps.

Why the choice of number 5 for this mint honey?

The exquisite Honey Nº5 Winter was created in tribute of the eternal perfume Nº5 of Chanel. Number 5 means freedom with a creative and intellectual vibration. With a strong adaptation capability. This is a honey with character, loaded with talent. Number 5 means intelligence, fun, caring, curiosity and flexibility.

Nº5-Winter-MenftaHoney Nº10 Seasalt by Beesweet causes sensations of a full experience with nature and with summer. The use of this precious honey in the gastronomic dishes, before serving, tunes the spice, having the ability to “awaken” the flavour of the dish, allowing a more pleasant and intense taste.

Why the choice of Number 10 for this salty honey?
Number 10 means perfection. In Math 10 is a full number – all numbers run in cycles of tens.
Wisdom, understanding, knowledge, kindness, rigor, harmony, perseverance, splendor, benevolence and royalty. The number ten is formed by the number 1, which means unity, the beginning, the initiative, symbolizes a circle, the symbol of perfection – making it a number associated with the Wheel of Fortune.

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The most aromatic of honeys, honey Nº25 Christmas – Cinnamon flavour, transmits us sensations of tranquility and harmony. Transports us to engaging locations. The nostalgic experiences of the festive seasons reigns around family environments. Transports us to Christmas environments. Awakens emotions of nostalgia and memories of once.

Why the choice of number 25 for this cinnamon-scented honey?

This is the honey driven exclusively for a festive season – Christmas! That’s why it’s called number 25. It means harmony, balance, complicity and family. Its nature is peaceful. This number inspires diplomacy, calm, tranquility, sensitivity and subtlety.

Mel Nº 25 Christmas

Honey Nº66 Beelove by Beesweet transmits emotions of youth and causes an enviable sensation of joy. Eating honey Nº66 Beelove provokes a sensation of a prolonged and passionate kiss. Transports us to sensations of soft stimulants causing pleasing desires of pleasure. Its consumption generates a feeling of well-being. Chocolate-colored, its delicious flavor fills the mouth and fills us with joy. Its aroma is stimulating and naturally aphrodisiac.

Why the choice of number 66 for this chocolate honey?

The choice of the number 66 is loaded with meaning for Beesweet because this number means unconditional love, it expresses self-realization through unconditional love and for the unconditional love for peace, of whom does not impose conditions to donate, because it knows how to love with a soul.
It means being ready to help, expresses the self-realization through love. Freedom with a strong ability to create.


The consumption of Nº88 Fire by Beesweet gives us to sensations of well being and joy, making ourselves feel good. Honey Nº88 Fire causes a hot blast of flavor in the mouth leading you to live experiences of bliss and intense pleasure. Get involved in the fiery spice of this flavour.

Why the choice of number 88 for this spicy honey?

The Nº88 Fire (spicy) is loaded with symbolism. Beesweet had the opportunity to present its honey in China. The number 88 is a number with a strong positive sense for the eastern market. Because it is a spicy flavored honey, it makes perfect sense to mark it through a recognized and important number of this target-market, if only they weren’t so passionate about the “spicy” and bittersweet gastronomy.

The number 88 has the meaning of abundance. Nº88 has the characteristic of PERFECTION, wisdom, persistence, efficiency, unlimited courage, leadership, success, realization and reflection.Sensações N.º 88 Fire

Beesweet differentiates the flavours of honey through the numbers because this is a brand communication strategy.

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