1500 maiores Empresas de Aveiro

1500 Major companies of Aveiro

The Beesweet was referenced by the newspaper – Diário de Aveiro, as one of the 1500 Major companies in Aveiro.

It is very proudly, but also with great responsibility that we are in the list of the 1500 Major companies in Aveiro.

We believe that factors, such as innovation, not only in the image – packaging of design, but also in the product, the natural flavouring of the created honeys, developed and tested in laboratory, contributed to the choice of analysts.

We feel the ability to classify the Beesweet honey as a versatile product, able to incorporate in the gastronomy of sweet meals, but also savory dishes and the fact that we are continually creating unique products, also resulted in the selection in our company.

It is also because behind the products there are two young women, completely passionate about honey and bees and that is where the whole secret of this business lies!

The passion for work and the products developed!

The joy and enthusiasm of living and working in a company that motivates us and makes us happy!


Beesweet … More than Honey, Lda

Acquire now your Beesweet Honey: http://beesweet.pt/loja


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