“Could you eat a 5000 year old honey?”

Why is honey the only natural food that doesn’t spoil?

OHoney has immense incredible properties. Besides having it’s delicious flavour, it’s practically the only natural food that doesn’t spoil. Mas do you know why that happens?

The food produced by bees began to be used because of it’s medical properties a long time ago, especially as a treatment for open wounds. The greek historian Heródoto reported that the Babylonians buried their dead in honey, and Alexander, the Great may have been embalmed in a coffin filled with this golden liquid.

The oldest honey ever found was encountered in Georgia and has about 5 thousand years of age. So, if you found this pot of honey, could you eat it?

Mel na Saúde (2)

Amina Harris of the Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute at the University of California, USA, explains that “The bacteria or microorganisms simply die in an environment with so little humidity. The fact that the organisms don’t survive long enough means they do not have time to spoil the honey“.

Another characteristic that differentiates the food produced by bees from other sugars is it’s acidity. Honey’s pH is between 3 and 4,5, condition that also kills any type of organism that want to make honey as their home.

The key point for honey to stay forever good to eat is to make sure that it is well sealed and stored in a dry place.

Going back to the question of the text: “Could you eat a 5000 year old honey?” If the honey has spent all this time well sealed and stored away from humidity, feel free to eat it

Or… try a different honey, flavored naturally using herbs!

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By Sofia Marques Correia


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