The creative industries by Unicer & Fundação Serralves, reports the release of the Beebombom

What’s black on the outside, and gold in the inside? Belgian chocolate and honey with natural aromas of cinnamon, hot sauce and mint are the ingredients of the new Beesweet product, an example of innovation
about a traditional product. We continue to salivate…
It is the most recent novelty of Beesweet, a startup that works with Portuguese honey, committed to taking it to the world in distinct packages and with amazing flavours… From here on out, what we write can be almost be evil to those who reads us: The Beebombom by Beesweet is Belgian black chocolate stuffed with three kinds of flavoured honey of the brand, the Nº25 Christmas – Cinnamon, Nº88 Fire – Spicy and Nº5 Winter – Mint. To complete, there’s still a “touch of gold flakes”.
An “unforgettable sensational experience” is what the Beebombom guarantees (we continue to salivate…), through the contrast and balance of flavors and aromas. Hotter and more intense or more fresh and balsamic, the flavoured nectar that makes the filling always has, on the basis, a clean Portuguese product, that is raw honey “obtained through handcrafted processes”, 100% natural.
With the release of Beebombom – in packages of 100g each that unites the three flavoured nectars – Beesweet maintains its constant and unstoppable rhythm of innovation, whether in the product, whether in relation to the market. An exemplary case of young and female entrepreneurship, the company was created by Ana Pais (CEO) and Carla Pereira, cousins of the third generation of a family of beekeepers. Winners in the Tourism and Heritage category in 2014, we invest in the development of flavoured honey, adding flavour to tradition.
The presentation of the product in the “Gout packaging”(regarded as one of the most beautiful packaging of the world), or in elegant jars reveal the strategy of a brand that calls them the glamour.
From the Beesweet, we got used to, from the beginning, good and regular novelties. In Portugal, the brand has been betting on a strategy of personalized-market approaching, with the creation of partnerships in sectors that create synergy. Beyond-borders, the entrepreneurial duo invests in expanding markets, and is now putting for sale their products in France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. In a product level, prepares a new release for 2016, but for now we’ll stay still, with the flavors of a bonbon exploding in the mouth…
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