Beesweet with the Chef Cordeiro in the event Flavours of Azeméis!

Flavours of Azeméis in feast

The municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis wants to celebrate the best its gastronomy offers, so they have launched a challenge to all the amateur cooks and restaurants in the region to reveal their best recipes. The secular culinary tradition united the utilization of the best products in the region between them and the Beesweet flavored honey, in a open to all contest.
The competition Flavours of Azeméis is an initiative of the Town Hall of Oliveira de Azeméis with the production of Edições de Gosto.

With or without influence of other regions gastronomy, mostly from Beira Alta and from the Convent of Arouca, we can assure that Oliveira de Azeméis has originally dishes from their region.
To the Bread in UI (Pão de UI) , true Oliveirense ex-libris, followed up by the roasted veal in a firewood oven and the popes of S.Miguel, the bone rice made from the pork back bone or the Lamb of Fajões, the stewed pork with bean rice, the rice with pork steak and the sweets such as the french toasts, the Vermicelli , the dried sweet soup, the carrot cheesecakes, the zamacóis (type of light cookies) and the kisses of Azeméis.

It is very proudly that Beesweet is one of the sponsors of this wonderful event!

Chef Cordeiro, reaffirmed that Azeméis is without doubt a land of flavours and a land of culinary.

And we, founder of the company Beesweet, were delighted to all the delicacies made by chefs.

Congratulations to all the winners ; )


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