Filipa Gomes & more than honey

The Vagos Sensation Gourmet happened this weekend (from 1 to 3 July, 2016).

This edition was held on the Vagueira Beach, in Vagos, presented a poster loaded with chefs, including international chefs. The main focus was the Portuguese products, especially the traditional products of the sea and the land of the Vagueira Beach.

Filipa 4


The Beesweet moment on the event counted with the presence of Filipa Gomes. The presenter of the ‘Prato do Dia”, a program in channel 24Kitchen, she is super graceful, energetic and truly genuine. Filipa Gomes is a true lover of the cuisine, aromas, flavours and ingredients of the world. With a very peculiar style, she loves to cook to the sound of blues and Elvis Presley; Uses and abuses red lipstick and skirts; One of her passions, in addition to the kitchen, is cycling;
She started cooking at the age of 24 but her whole life she loved to eat and try new flavors.

Beesweet was presented to her since the beginning of the company and early became a fan of the innovative aromas created in honey. Rigorously with her appreciation, her opinion has always been important to the founders of the company. So, when the invitation was launched and accepted, young entrepreneurs Ana Pais and Carla Pereira, couldn’t feel any more proud and happier!


Coming from a family of farmers and without fear of “getting the hands dirty”, Filipa has a preference for a fresher, healthier cuisine with the use of biological products.
With a captivating personality, all the viewers feel a connection to Filipa who being just a kitchen lover, seeks to inspire other people to cook and to make the delights for family and friends.

When she met the company and the product and realized that the inspiration of the flavouring of honey with aromatic herb came from a family tradition from the grandfather who was a beekeeper and who already made some “inventions” at home to offer family and friends, Filipa felt identified with the innovative concept of Beesweet Honey.

Box Honey


It was 3 filled days with aromas and flavors, with the presence of more than 20 chefs, 80 partners, 22 show cookings and workshops, 3 bands and many moments of lectures, culture, commentated tasting and conversations around wine and tertulias among chefs.


THEME: “Earth, River and Sea”

By the connection to the Earth, the origins and local traditions, the theme of this edition was “Earth, River and Sea”, which aimed to recover local traditions and products and show them to the public in a renewed and current way. Based on this symbiosis between the traditional and the gourmet.


During the 3 days, all paths lead to Vagueira Beach, in Vagueira, where it didn’t lack colours and aromas to awaken and appeal to all directions!

Beesweet… more than Honey!


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