Coffrets Luxury 2016

Christmas Gift Box by Beesweet

Beesweet, in partnership with Indulac, Diplomata and Carmim, has created for you 3 wonderful experiences that will surprise and delight your Christmas!

The concept arises due to the desire of the company – More than Honey Lda, to demonstrate to its customers possibilities of gastronomic combinations with the Aromatized Honey.

After several meetings and the careful selection of the best products, the founders of Beesweet, together with their partners, chose the best way to combine the best Honey in the World. The choice was unanimous and the products selected could only be:

The best bread turned into cookies;

The best Reguengos Wine;

And the Best Cheese in Portugal.

This union is perfect and there are 3 options:


Coffret Luxury


Honey Nº 25 Christmas – Cinnamon by Beesweet

Cured Goat Cheese – Premium Cranberry by Indulac

Ondina Sesame Cookie by Diplomata

Sparkling Wine Messias = Crude by Caves Messias




Coffret Premium


Box of 9 Beebomboms – Belgian black chocolate with stuffed with honey and edible gold flakes by Beesweet.

Cow Cheese and Reserve of Curried Sheep Cheese – Sierra of Alvelhe by Indulac

Seven Leaf Cookies by Diplomata

Regional Alentejo Wine  – Porta do Castelo, red wine by Carmim




Coffret Gourmet


Minipack of Aromatized Honey 3x40gr by Beesweet

Reserve of Cured Cow Cheese – Ponte Nova by Indulac

“Capinhas” Biscuit with poppy seeds by Diplomata

Reguengos Wine – Real Grei Red – Wine Maker Rui Veladas by Carmim


Suggestive chests, not included in the value of Coffrets.

The selected products for the elaboration of these Coffrets are of excellent quality and contribute to enhance the aromatized honey brand Beesweet.
The 3 sets make up unique tasting experiences!

Surprise your family and friends with our luxurious suggestions!

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