Flu? What Flu?

Goodbye Flu and Constipations!

The flu and constipations are out there!

They say it’s the fruit of the season!

The truth is, no one wants to get sick and therefore, in order to face adversity typical of this time of year and strengthen our immune system, today I share the country remedy that is homemade to help prevent influenzas and constipations… yes, because since always the motto of this family has been making food our medicine.


I’ve seen some people with tissues in hand and with constipated voices .

So here’s the recipe for our winter lemonade for a family:


2 limes or 2 lemons

3 tablespoons of honey Nº1 Citrus

10gr Ginger

1 liter of Water



Boil half a liter of water, put the peel of lemons or limes.

Add the honey spoons and stir very well.

Add the scraped ginger, place the remaining cold or hot water and stir well.

Serve as a refreshing juice or tea.

This beverage is highly preventive of influenzas and constipations!

Beware and feel better with Beesweet Honey!


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