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Garden friends to plant


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Garden’s Friend to Plant – Bio Bee

The Garden Friend’s to Plant bees of Life in a Bag are made from 100% recycled cotton paper pulp and with seeds of herbs or edible flowers. Simply put in the land, bury it slightly, and you may see growing plants.

The Garden’s Friends to Plant will transform the concept of perpetuating a message, eternalizing their days, words or gestures in living plants.

From the handmade paper pulp with recycled cotton, Bee-friendly vegetable garden sends an ecological message to your friends and family.

From this partnership with Life in a Bag, Beesweet aims to inspire youngsters to cultivate design and sustainability together, contributing to a healthy lifestyle and a more environmentally friendly planet.

It is the combination between nature and design that allows to generate aromatic herbs or BIO edible flowers, indoors. It is a differentiating, didactic and ecological alternative also when it comes to offering a gift.

The idea is that people can surprise with a gift, alive, ecological and original!

When you offer a Garden’s Friend to Plant – Bee, you are generating a commitment to the recipient, and to nature! You are offering life!


How to plant:

Simply put it in the earth, bury it slightly, and you may see growing plants. Use a spray bottle and water once a day until the paper pulp becomes moist. From the 5th day and on the hottest days, you should spray it very well at least twice a day.

How long do I have to wait until I can harvest it?

Depending on the variety and the time of the year, it may take an average two months before you can harvest your herbs.

Where to cut?

Use scissors and cut just above the substrate. You can eat the leaves and stems.


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1 review for Garden friends to plant

  1. Ana Pereira

    Conheci a Beesweet, por ter recebido esta colher como lembrança num casamento. Entretanto voltei a adquirir para oferecer a umas amigas. É um complemento e um miminho espetacular

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