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Minipack Desire (Cópia)


Weight = 3 x 40gr

The Beesweet honey brand uses 100% Portuguese honey. The Minipack Desire contains several honey flavours. In a glamorous minibox, you will find 3 exquisite square jars with different flavours of honey. You can offer and surprise family and friends!

Ideal to offer in festive seasons.

The tourists' favourite.

A must have for travel (you can carry it with you in the carry-on baggage).

Minipack Desire:

Sensations Winter – mint flavour
The honey Nº 5 Winter by Beesweet provokes us feelings of freshness and lightness expansive. Its consumption takes us to freedom energizing experience, making us feel confident and bold.

Sensations Seasalt – salty flavour
The honey Nº 10 Seasalt causes a full experience of sensations with nature and summer. The use of this precious honey in gastronomic dishes before serving, refines the seasoning, having the ability to wake up the flavours of the dish, allowing a more pleasant and intense taste.

Sensations Beelove – chocolate flavour
The honey Nº 66 Beelove by Beesweet gives us youth emotions and causes an enviable sense of joy. Eating honey Nº 66 Beelove provokes a feeling of long and passionate kiss. It transports you into sweetly stimulating sensations causing enjoyable desires of pleasure. Its consumption creates a sense of well-being.


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Weight 1500 g


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