Manifesto da Beesweet

Businesswoman manifest… More than Honey!

The Beesweet is more than honey.

Our goal is not merely to innovate in the natural flavouring of the created, developed and tested in laboratory honeys.


It is also not only to create an innovative packaging with a very unique, exclusive, design-based identity recognized by Packaging of the World as one of the most beautiful in the WORLD.


It’s not just conducting studies in universities laboratories in order to understand that our honey is special, that brings increased benefits to the consumer’s health, since we aromatize honey by using aromatic plants and so, we are talking about a product loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and living organisms that effectively do well to everyone’s health.


It is not only because we want to make HONEY in a versatile product, able to incorporate the gastronomy into sweet dishes, but also salty and mainly be able to replace all the refined sugar that so harms us.

Beesweet is EVEN MORE than all this!


We are relentless in creating new products, unlike anything you’ve ever seen and proved until today, always focused on the premium market!

It’s even more because behind the products, there are two young WOMEN, completely passionate about honey and bees, and that’s where all the secret lies!


The passion for work and for the developed products!

The joy and enthusiasm of living and working in a company that MOTIVATES us and MAKES US HAPPY!


Because it is with affection and responsibility that we regularly carry out lectures about this project recognized by taste it with one of the 10 most innovative companies in Portugal. About how we embrace this life project, how the battles, failures and successes achieved resulted!

It is even more because it is with LOVE and DEDICATION that we frequently perform regular visits to all our customers!

IMG_4283 (2)

Because it is with enormous strength and willingness that we announce to all those who hear us how important the BEE is and that without it, WE WOULDN’T SIMPLY EXIST!



It is much more than honey, because our goal is not just to put the BEST HONEY IN THE WORLD in the market, it is because we believe that we can contribute to SAVING THE WORLD!


IMG_4352 (2)

This is our beginning… this is what we BELIEVE in, and that’s why we’re going FARTHER!

Beesweet … More than Honey, Lda

From: Carla Pereira
To: Ana Pais
Photos by Eugénio Silva – ES Photography

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