Jantar de degustação no Dom Sesnando

Tasting dinner at Dom Sesnando by Chef Tony Martins

The Dom Sisnando Restaurant was a mandatory stopping place last March 12th in Penela.

This restaurant, partnered with the flavoured Beesweet honey and the algae from Algaplus, made the delicacies of all people that were present at this amazing themed dinner!.

sobremesa (2)

The Dom Sisnando is a place of charm composed of two distinct spaces – the living room, pleasant atmosphere, unique and at the same time relaxed, where you can taste the flavors of Penela, a traditional cuisine, restored and taken care of by selected products of undisputed quality; And the terrace, ample and on the rooftops of red roofs, it opens a landscape of great Beauty, where the late afternoons invite us to unique moments of relaxation.

On this special day, Mr. Carlos Zuzarte did the honors of the House and together with Chef Tony Martins, we were marveled at a unique gastronomic experience, which brought to the table unforgettable flavors!

The dinner where the algae and the flavoured honey were kings, they were beautifully sprinkled with Morning Valley Wine.

The tasting started with a tasty entry:


Clams and ognori in a parcel of sea lettuce.

Then we were surprised by:


Fake stew of Dulse with shrimp.

Camarão (2)

As the fish dish, the Chef proposed:

Cod Taco, mashed tomato, biological algae and cromesquis vs the Classic Rice of the faithful friend with a “Sea Touch”.

As a meat dish Chef Tony Martins surprised us with:


Pork rinds stuffed with vegetablesl, “migas do mar” and Honey Nº10 Seasalt – Salty by Beesweet.

Carne (2)
We finished with:


Pumpkin Curd, sour apples, “Honey Pumps” (Beebombom by Beesweet – chocolate bonbon stuffed with flavoured Beesweet honey), seaweed crumble and wild fruit ice cream.

Bomba Fire Mel

This chef’s kitchen is simple, based on the pillars of traditional Portuguese cuisine and always in tune with diverse cultures of the most varied corners of the world, marked by journeys, coexistence and experiences. It is based on the quality and freshness of the products used in confection, very much affection and dedication in its preparation. For each dish I look for a reason, an explanation, a story, a past that is one with a gift, my present, the current gift of restoration.

In this special event, we still have to thank the work and affection of Lady Minda and deputy Chef Christian Santos.

Team (2)

Beesweet – More Than Honey, Lda… no needing for presentations, arises from the passion of two young cousins and the dream of placing innovative honey-based products on the market.

Aromatized Beesweet honey is a super innovative, organic and high quality product, created with a very personal imprint, recorded in the image of our packaging.

Like the finest wines our honeys stays for a period of time in hives.

We bet on divulging the different ways of using Beesweet honey in gastronomy and valuing its medicinal power.

Our exclusive “Gout” design packaging is considered one of the most beautiful in the world by Packaging of the World!

Get your Beesweet Honey here!


A ALGAPLUS & TOK DE MAR is a production company of micro seaweed and products derived in an ecologically sustainable and socially responsible manner through constant innovation, maintaining strict quality and traceability parameters. The products are algae or products that integrate algae; 100% natural and sustainable.

They are produced in Portugal in integrated multi trophic aquaculture systems, ensuring environmental sustainability and high quality parameters in the production, harvest and packaging processes. 

As for Beesweet, it is up to us to say “may many more  of these come!” and of course… thank the dedication, affection and enthusiasm of all those who participated, developed and tasted these wonderful dishes.

d sesn Alga Bee (2)

Photos by Daniela Haudek


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