Easter with products from Aveiro

This Easter offer products from Aveiro!

Beesweet, Algaplus and Sabores da Tê promote a hamper full of innovative products from our land!

Surprise your relatives and friends with products of Ria de Aveiro!

The hamper is constituted with:

Chili pepper vases from Sabores da Tê.
With various qualities, of greater or lesser intensity of spice, the piri-piris vases of Sabores da Tê combine the decorative beauty of these plants to the culinary utility.

MiniBox of 2 Beebombons by Beesweet
Delicious Belgian black chocolate bonbon, stuffed with unique flavoured nectar, created exclusively for Beesweet. Developed to amaze the most exquisite palate, this black chocolate bonbon is deliciously contrasted with the flavoured honey. From the most intense aromatized nectar like Nº88 Fire, to the freshest and the most balsamic like Nº5 Winter, each bonbon causes an unforgettable sensory experience.


“Touch of the Sea” conserve, sardines with Bio-algae conserved in olive oil.
Produced exclusively by the conceptual Comur- Canning Factory of Murtosa, the preserved skinless and boneless sardines are healthy and nutritious. It is always ready to eat that it even comes with a fork so you can savor it anywhere. The lettuce and fava beans are from the sea, cultivated by ALGAplus in a sustainable manner and with biological certification. A 100% Portuguese product, with ingredients from the Atlantic coast and elaborately handcrafted with the utmost quality.

Don’t miss the opportunity to surprise your relatives and friends with our innovative and exclusive products!


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