Why are we a B Corp Company?

What is a BCorp Company?



B Corp is a global movement of entrepreneurs with a common goal: to transform the way the business world measures its success, so that:

Companies not only compete to be the best in the world, but also to the best for the world.

It is a certification that meets the highest standards of performance, transparency and accountability.


Why is Beesweet a BCorp?

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Because we believe it is possible to create a profitable business while at the same time creating a positive impact, generating environmental and social benefits.

Because we dream of “saving the world” using the business as an engine capable of making a positive change in the face of current problems that affect us as much as it affects others.

Because we think that if we think of business facing to everyone, we will also be generating wealth for all and we will go further!

Because as a company, we use resources capable of minimizing the ecological footprint.


What do we do?

Social Mission:

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The passion for bees, for honey and for the innovation are in genesis and the dynamic of this company, that represents the third generation of a family of beekeepers.

The continuity of the bee’s existence in the world is a key factor for the sustainability of life on our planet.

  • There is a whole work together with municipalities, universities, kindergarten schools and associations to disseminate and protect this pollinator being of all species, that is the bee.
  • We are dedicated to pass the message that the consumption of honey, replacing the refined sugar, brings health benefits to the consumers, may they be children, adults or even elders and that it can and should be included in the feeding of many people and in a big variety of shapes.
  • Because it is a source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, incorporated in the gastronomy, natural honey is a powerful ally in the prevention of diseases.
  • We want to demonstrate that each one of us, child or elder, can contribute to helping the bee’s survival. With small gestures such as placement of water containers or by planting bee-friendly plants among other small actions that can make all the difference.
  • The sensibilization of everyone that the use of pesticide is harmful for the bees, reflects how harmful it is to us.
  • Understanding how bees work and organize is a way of education and empowering societies.


Environmental Mission:


Bees promote life

Beesweet promotes investment in cultivation of organic apiculture.

Promotes partnerships between beekeepers and small farmers in order to stimulate natural pollination by bees.

There is then a renewed source of food for bees, including at different times of the predominant blooms of the region.

The artificial feeding provided to bees is avoided in periods of grace.

They remain in protected environments, free from the peak of summer fires or even possible thefts.

The presence of the bees in crops helps to prevent the proliferation of small pests.

Due to the pollination, crops increase in quantity, fruits/vegetables are more lush, juicy and sweet.


Beesweet … More than Honey, lda


Beesweet is more than honey because our Mission is to establish ourselves as the leading supplier of premium honey in the world, always preserving its pure principles as we grow.

Beesweet uses the power of the business as an engine capable of generating positive impact in the World!


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