Weekly recipes with Beesweet honey by Chef Tony Martins

It is very proudly that Beesweet announces soon, the weekly release of simple and healthy recipes, confectioned by our elected Chef Tony Martins, always having as main ingredient the beesweet flavoured honey.

We will explore all the potentialities of natural scents created, by using:

Honey Nº1 Citrus – Lemon

Honey Nº5  Winter – Mint

Honey Nº10 Seasalt – Salty

Honey Nº25 Christmas – Cinnamon

Honey Nº66 Beelove – Chocolate

Honey Nº88 Fire – Spicy

Beeblue By Beesweet- Specific blueberry honey

Beebombom – Belgian black chocolate bonbons, stuffed with flavoured Beesweet honey with edible gold flakes.

The aim is to demystify the use of honey in gastronomy and enhance its use in different dishes, always in a simple, healthy version.

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The Chef’s slogan – Much more than Food, unites with the slogan of Beesweet – More than Honey!

9ª receita

The CHEF’s vision:

From the passion for the country that received me, love was born for the flavours of its land, which from battles, discoveries and crossings originated beautiful traditions.
From the battles remained the symbols, the formulas and the techniques, from the findings it was brought perfumes, and from the crossings the passion and the persistence in achieving more and better.
The evolution of culinary, the growth of Chef’s status, the ease of communication with the rest of the planet and the exchange of experiences make us a world of new flavors, new textures, new forms of presentation.
My kitchen is simple, based on the pillars of traditional Portuguese cuisine and always in tune with diverse cultures of the most varied corners of the world, marked by journeys, coexistence and experiences. It is based on the quality and freshness of the products used in confection, very much affection and dedication in its preparation.
For each dish I look for a reason, an explanation, a story, a past that is one with a gift, my present, the current gift of restoration.


We hope you feel at home with these delicacies and… Bon Appétit!



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