Beesweet na Silicon Valley

Beesweet in Silicon Valley?


The FLAD. EY Buzz USA, an initiative of the Luso-American Foundation for Development (FLAD) and EY, is promoting and supporting the efforts of internationalisation of micro, small and medium-sized Portuguese enterprises to the United States of America.
Beesweet was selected by the FLAD jury, as a company of high potential for internationalization of its products (Beesweet brand) to the USA.
The jury – which is chaired by a member of the FLAD, and composed of two guests of the foundation and two guests of EY – analyzed the nominations for the purpose of choosing the 20 companies with the highest potential, on which a report will be published in the business newspaper.
The prize for the winning company consists of an immersion program in the Bay Area of San Francisco in California for a month.
The goal is to provide a high level of understanding of Silicon Valley’s best practices in terms of product and technological development.

The Founders of the Company (Ana Pais & Carla Pereira), are super excited about this new opportunity.

The goal is to grow in the American market, in the premium segment.

To present a Portuguese honey, naturally flavoured, innovative, unique and excellent quality!
We want to learn from the best to position ourselves on the market in a sustainable and impactive way. Let’s evolve with the best.”

By Ana Pais

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