New design by ESAD

Beesweet – new design by ESAD

More than honey company, Beesweet, established a partnership with the Superior School of Arts & Design of Matosinhos – ESAD, with the objective of developing a new line of premium packaging for the gout of Beesweet honey, which can meet the needs of the company.

Some of the keywords for the elaboration of the new packaging design were:









Storytelling – Values & social and environmental mission

The event will serve to present the student’s creations, as well as recognizing their work and merit.

During the morning it will also be held a brief presentation of the company, followed by tasting with products Beesweet in the interactive tourism store of Porto Welcome Center (PWC) – in front of the São Bento Train Station – Praça Das Cardosas, Porto, on the 24th of May at 10:00 AM.

This partnership between Beesweet and ESAD was aimed at promoting a competition, aimed at students attending 2016/17 the UC Packaging of the Communication Design course, to grant an innovative packaging for the brand.

So it emerges as an approximation of the business world to the academic world, giving students an opportunity to experience the production of a packaging solution for a specific product.



The company Beesweet, emerges from two young cousins, granddaughters of a beekeeper, completely passionate about bees, honey and innovation.

Grandpa left the family legacy of beekeeping, tools, tips on bees and old recipes about honey.

The flavored Beesweet Honey is a super-innovative, natural and organic product of high quality, created with a very personal imprint, recorded in the image of its creative packaging.

The unique design package – Gout – is considered one of the most beautiful in the world by Packaging of the World.

The company won the category of Gastronomy, Tourism and Heritage of the National Prize Industries Creative by Unicer & Fundação Serralves – 2014.

Taste it considered the Beesweet as one of the 10 most innovative companies in Portugal in the food area.

Mission: “The Beesweet wants to establish itself, as the leading supplier of the best flavoured honey in the world, always preserving its pure principles as it grows. With a strong environmental and social responsibility, Beesweet helps to contribute the preservation of biodiversity.”

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