Néctar aromatizado com alecrim N. 25 Christmas

Sensations Nº 25 Christmas (Cópia)


Sensations Nº 88 Fire

Néctar aromatizado com malagueta vermelha N. 88 Fire

Sensations Nº 1 Citrus


Weight = 40gr

The honey Nº 1 Citrus by Beesweet is the most light and fresh of all Beesweet range of honeys. With a soft and citrus taste, this honey reports us to orchards dominated by the scent of lemon, orange, grapefruit and limes.
It is a refreshing honey able to please the most refined taste and the most sensitive palate. Of hazel/amber colour, the aroma in the mouth is soft and fruity, refreshing and citric, it feels on the palate a nuance to the lemon.
As a natural product, it may react to climate changes, flora and fauna. Therefore, each crop of honey could suffer slight changes in the specification of honey.


Flowering nectar of eucalyptus with citrus.

Flowering nectar of eucalyptus with citrus.

Citrus Sensations

The honey Nº 1 Citrus by Beesweet evokes the summer. This honey transports us to the serene and refreshing places. This honey is recognized for involving us in lightness where it prevails citrus aromas, soothing and balanced that soften us. The Nº 1 Citrus raises us in the dewy and invigorating environments.

Gastronomic Suggestions

It goes beautifully in fresh salads. It blends wonderfully with vanilla ice cream for example. Use it to sweeten your natural yogurts. This honey is also a great ingredient to add on Caipirinhas and Mojitos, replacing sugar.

See the suggestions of Chef Tony Martins:


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Weight 40 g


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