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Honey helps fighting throat pains

Yes! It’s a truth tested and proven! The characteristics that make honey have this antibiotic action are: the low Ph, that provides an acid ambient that can inhibit the development of micro-organisms. The fact that it contains little water in its composition helps to prevent the growth of bacteria. Besides, honey has gluconic acid that…

Beesweet – 100% Portuguese and handmade honey

Beesweet sells 100% Portuguese honey, gluten-free and allergenics-free, handcrafted by two young cousins and associates in love with bees and honey. Beesweet is a raw honey obtained through handcrafted processes and with healthy temperatures, allowing to maintain all the characteristics of a 100% natural honey! Based on the grandfather’s family heirloom, and inspired by it,…

Honey is good for the intestines

mel intestino

According to data from World Health Organization (WHO), honey contains about 70 beneficial components to the organism. This medicinal power is due to to the great concentration of non-digestible carbohydrates and oligosaccharides in the liquid, they work as prebiotics and regulate the functioning of the beneficial cells that exist in our intestine. Beesweet . ….

Packaging of the World

Packaging Of The World

Beesweet packaging was highlighted by the prestigious online-publisher Packaging of the World. This is a worldwide website specialized in finding, analyzing and highlighting high quality packaging, which excels by original concepts, innovation and help brands highlight themselves. Get your honey flavored Beesweet More info

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