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Diary of Aveiro highlights the launch of Honey Nº66 Beelove by Beesweet – The only chocolate honey in the world

There were several references that the newspaper Diário of Aveiro did to Beesweet, accompanying our evolution, growth, history and presentation of our products. Honey Nº66 Beelove by Beesweet is a special and unique honey, from intense notes and aroma of jungle fruits, coffee and cherry, this honey is the most suitable for celebrating special moments. It’s palate is irreverent and irresistible that warms us inside and fills us with pleasure. Made of chocolate colour, it’s delicious flavor fills the mouth filling us with joy. Its aroma is stimulating and naturally aphrodisiac. Honey Nº66 Beelove is the most passionate of the whole range of Beesweet honey’s. It’s consumption causes a constant feeling of well being. Being a natural product, it can react to climate change, fauna…

Tasting Beesweet flavoured honey in the Hotel de charme – Moliceiro!

The newspaper Diário de Aveiro emphasized the growth of the company Beesweet. There were several references that the newspaper Diário de Aveiro did to Beesweet, accompanying our evolution, growth, history and presentation of our products. The Hotel de Charme Moliceiro, was the chosen place for the release of flavoured Beesweet honeys’ brand. The honey company, in partnership with Queijos da Tété, the Chá & Bolachas and the Taylor’s, created a tasting proof with all the natural flavours of honey created to date. Who had the opportunity to be present may have taste the honey with the famous Brix Chocolate – Chocolate for Wine, with vanilla ice cream, cheese au gratin as topping to homemade biscuits, among other delicacies, always well accompanied with exclusive selections from…

Taste it says that Beesweet is one of the 10 most innovative companies in Portugal

The website taste it, which gives the opinion of professionals in areas such as marketing, digital communication, translation, design, photography and public relations on the restoration sector, highlighted Beesweet. It classified this project in the TOP 10 most innovative companies in Portugal. “The passion for honey and honeybees was the factor that influenced the development of this innovative product. Beesweet presents in the market, a new honey, raw and naturally flavoured with Citrus flavours or hotter flavours. This honey is commercialized in an aesthetically innovative, passionate, lightweight, ergonomic and easy-to-use package.” More at Acquire here your innovative honey at

Público – P3 interviewed us

The digital supplement of the journal “Público”, made us an interview in August of 2014. Among other questions, they wanted to know what is lacking in the Portuguese Creative Industries. We said it lacks of pragmatism. “Knowing what we believe is the right way to succeed in the idea of business and leverage the work with constant learning. To understand that sometimes it is better to discard aspects that, according to market tests, may not result in a positive outcome.” Your project is one of the ten finalists of the 2014th edition of the National Creative Industries Prize (NCIP). How would you describe the project to a person who has never heard of your brand? Beesweet presents a newly flavoured and raw honey, using natural…

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